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 At PRECISION, we have been designing and improving static wire payoff flyers for the last quarter century.

AWF1000 Light Pneumatic Flyer

Our full line of flyers includes Mechanical, Electric, Pneumatic and Permanent Magnetic units. All but mechanical models feature our unique 3-stage pulley system (optional), and comes with our standard Full Warranty.

How do PRECISION flyers compare to others on the market?

Some of our more well-known competitors tend to fall into the trap of over-designing their product. Related costs are passed on to the buyer, and the result is a complex unit that becomes quite expensive. Our competitors lose sight of the real goal: To make your wire process efficient, economical and profitable. We are able to keep our flyers affordable without sacrificing quality or performance.

Universal mount Versatility
Our versatility is unsurpassed. Regardless of which model you purchase from us, it can be readily, quickly and easily interchanged with your current PRECISION flyer via our revolutionary Universal Flyer Mount.
Our flyers are constructed of high grade metals and alloys and are assembled by skilled fabricators. They are designed with durability in mind, and our innovative thinking allows for them to succeed where others fail.

We can proudly say that we are the FIRST company to offer a 2-Year Warranty on Flyer Payoffs!!!*

Our Heavy Pneumatic flyer utilizes a braking design that results in highly consistent product quality, even with heavy wire constructions under heavy tension.

Traditional "caliper-on-disc" designs tend to produce uneven heating, and cause discs to warp, which would result in flyer "wobble" and inconsistent quality of your product.

Compare PRECISION flyers to other similar models on the market today. One could spend upwards of $4,000.00 per unit, but not at PRECISION. For pricing information specific to your needs, please call us at the telephone number found here or select any of the models listed below. We will work with you stay within your budget.

Performance is unequalled

Versatility + Durability + Economy = Productivity. Greater productivity leads to greater profitablity.

"Our flyers really fly, so your payoffs can payoff..."
- George Webb II, Vice President

Our full line of static multi-wire payoff flyers:

Electro-Magnetic Clutch EMF1000 Lt Electric Flyer
Light Electric EMF1000
The best-performing flyer on the market for fine wire, with ample torque for use with heavier wire constructions.
Heavy Electric EMF2000 EMF2000 Heavy Electric Flyer
This unit provides the greatest amount of torque in our entire line of flyers.

Pneumatic Clutch AWF1000 Light Pneumatic Flyer
Light Pneumatic AWF1000
Designed to pay off wire at high speeds without sacrificing quality.

The most durable of our lightweight flyers, this unit can be adjusted "on-the-fly," and is our most popular model.

Heavy Pneumatic AWF2000 AWF2000 Heavy Pneumatic Flyer
Similar to our AWF1000, but designed for use with heavier wire constructions.

Provides heavy, consistent tension without overheating.


Permanent Magnetic Clutch MPF1000 Permanent Magnetic Particle Flyer
Permanent Magnetic Particle MPF1000
Lightest weight permanent magnetic flyer on the market. Custom designed tension adjustment makes this flyer the easiest to adjust, in its class.

Static Single-end Payoff Flyer:

Electric, Pneumatic, or Magnetic Clutch MFSE22 / MFSE30 Flyer
Single-end Flyer for 22" or 30" Rod Reel SE22 / SE30
Dual-directional static flyer designed for paying off large ga. single-end wire. Versatility allows for use with fine wire, as well. Several clutch options available.

* Discounted price / 2-Year Warranty applied to minimum quantity of 25 units only.
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