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The Research and Development team, here at PRECISION, has designed and developed machinery to assist in the control of tension in the wire process for decades. Only recently have our competitors figured out what we had understood all along.

While others previously downplayed the importance of a reliable tension control device in the bunching process, PRECISION designers were hard at work perfecting the design that has been tried and true for years. There are now other imitators on the market, but if you have problems with tension control in your high-speed wire making process, our Classic Multi-roller TE model is the solution.

Constructed of high-grade cold rolled steel, our factory-welded frames are durable and easy to handle. Our specially designed rollers feature a 6-3-1-3-6 configuration, making them suitable for either 7-strand or 19-strand constructions, and are highly adaptable to your special needs.

click to enlarge TE600
Eliminate inconsistent wire tension and the resulting high strand and improve the overall quality and consistency of your product.

Produces consistent back tension unlike any other device.

These units can be custom designed to meet your specific requirements and, like all of our products, feature our Full Warranty.


click to enlarge TE300
An economical, custom designed unit that has had favorable results for one of our more longstanding clients. This is an alternative to the larger TE600.


Manual Wire Elongation Tester

This model is one of the lowest priced available on the market. For most operations it is accurate and dependable.

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