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At Precision Payoff Systems, LLC, our pricing policy is simple:
Stay within your budget.


We keep our overhead low, and this is reflected in the price of our products. By keeping our prices low, we provide you with an affordable alternative to the more costly units on the market.

Price vs. Quality

Higher prices do not necessarily translate to better quality. We have a quality standard that is unsurpassed in the industry. By using only high grade materials and components, we can back our products with a Full 1-Year Warranty. One demonstration of our products is enough to convince the most skeptical of buyers that, on durability alone, our units are the wise choice.

Our products are inexpensive but by no means are they "cheap." We prefer the term "economically responsible."

The Big Picture

Don't buy our equipment because it is low priced; Buy it for its quality and durability, and let the affordability be the icing on the cake. We understand that a happy customer is a return customer.

Our pricing information is available by calling our sales office at (315) 361-9159 or faxing your inquiry to (315) 361-9157 for special requests or quotes.

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