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PRECISION has been furnishing major wire manufacturers with complete reel storage systems for years. We will work with you to custom design and build a system for your specific needs.

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This is our model PS Stackable Steel pallet, for use in conjunction with our Pneumatic and Mechanical Wire Flyer system. When loaded, the unit can be stacked, minimizing floor space required for storage of your product.

Model PS
Pictured is the PS pallet in use with our AWF Pneumatic Wire Flyer System.

Model SS4
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Our Model SS4 Storage Pallet is a highly versatile unit which is designed for empty reel storage. It is capable of storing eight 30" rod Reels per layer, but is also able to hold 16", 22", and 28" reels safely, efficiently and economically.

Precision also designs and manufactures steel pallets for larger size reels (48" and up).

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