Pneumatic Flyer for 1000mm Reel

AWF2000 for 1000mm Reel

"...a wire flyer on steroids..."

At least, that is what our customers have called it. We call it our newly designed SuperFlyer™. It is extra rugged and durable, with lightweight components and advanced technology suitable for use in the most modern facilities.

Our enlarged wire flyer concept is an enhancement of a proven technology, and enables you to make large wire constructions that were not being made with static flyers before.

  • The Optimum Flyer For use with 1000mm Reels.
  • Designed for Paying Off LARGE Gauge Single-end wire AND Multi-wire.
  • Oversized 120mm Pulleys
  • Pneumatic, Mechanical, Electric or Magnetic clutch available.
  • Capable of paying off fine wire, as well.
  • Customers report success with Copper, Aluminum and Steel wire.
  • Full 2-Year Warranty available, in quantity
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